4 Items your Guests WISH were in the Guest Room

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When we moved to Florida last year, it was the first time that my husband and I have had a dedicated guest room. Now that we live in the sunshine state, we have found that we have more guests than usual and I feel so blessed to have a dedicated space for guests. However, even if you do not have a dedicated guest room, you can still make sure you have these items on hand for when you do have guests.

These are four items that a lot of people forget about but which will make you the ultimate hostess to your guests. 

Guest Toiletries - I know that when I travel, I inevitably forget something or wish I had brought something that I need. I always feel like I'm imposing or creating extra work for the hostess when I have to ask for something.

Guest Room Toiletry Ideas

So, I like to make it easy for my guests by having a little guest toiletry bin in the guest room closet. I make sure to have extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, feminine products, and hair and body washes. Some of these items you can just grab from your personal stash and for the other items you need to buy, the best deal is to get them from the Dollar Store.

Here's a display of everything I have in my guest toiletry bin.

Guest Room Toiletries

Mini Pharmacy - A lot of times, if guests get a headache, stomachache or have another issue, it may happen in the night time when the hostess is asleep. At other times, they may feel bad asking for what they need. So, once again, I put a little mini-pharmacy in the guest room closet. This has a lot of the basics so they can grab what they need. Again you can just pull some items from your personal stash to put in the bin or you can get mini-packs of medications from the Dollar Store.

Guest Room Medications

Electronics Plug and WIFI Info - Whenever I travel somewhere, there are two things I need to figure out right away. I need a place to charge my electronics and I need to connect to WIFI. I have spent a number of instances trying to move furniture in someone's house to find a plug. I have also asked for the WIFI password from a hostess only to have them searching around to try to find it. 

Make this step easy on your guests! I have an extension cord and USB charger on a side table in the guest room so guests don't have to search for a place to plug in their devices. This is the USB Extension Cord I bought which I've been pleased with.

Guest Room Phone Plug Ins

I also have the WIFI password displayed in the room. You can even put this in a picture frame if you want to be fancy. But for me, I have it taped in the guest room closet and also on a small sheet of paper next to the charger.

Guest Room Wifi Password

Create Empty Space - One of the best things you can do in your guest room is to create empty space in the room that provides your guests a place to put their items. Clear off the dresser. Empty a drawer or multiple drawers. Make space in the closet and make sure there are some empty hangers. Hang some coat racks for them to hang their bags and clothes.

Those are my best guest room tips and something that all of my guests have mentioned that they appreciate. When you put effort into the space for your guests, it's a show of love, caring, and good old fashion hospitality. It makes them feel welcome and more comfortable during their stay.

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