A Success Story for a Client with Challenging Disorganization

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A common theme I find with a lot of my clients that are chronically disorganized is that there’s been some sort of life event that may trigger their challenges with organization. These events can be happy and positive life events like getting married, having a baby, moving to another place, or getting a new job. But many times, it can happen when there is a crisis or major challenge in their lives such as a health issue, family issue, death of someone we love, becoming a caretaker, a traumatic experience, mental illness, job loss, or any other major life setback.

When we have a major crisis, we may let certain priorities go because we have to put all of our attention on dealing with the crisis. And that’s okay. I recently had a close family member in the hospital for 6 weeks. My life was out of balance during that time, but that was okay. My number one priority was to be there for this family member during those 6 weeks and it was okay if other things fell off MY priority list.

However, chronic disorganization becomes a bigger issue when our lives are not manageable due to the disorganization. There comes a point when the disorganization is getting in the way of our health, well-being, and ability to function.

That’s where a professional organizer can help. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming for an individual to go through the items that has accumulated and try to organize. Sometimes there are too many emotions tied to the items in their environment. Sometimes a person doesn’t have the energy or stamina to get the job done. Sometimes there’s a lot of paperwork or phone calls that need to be made which can be confusing and draining.

I recently helped this client organize a master bedroom that she had not been in since her husband passed away years ago. The room had become a storage area and was not livable or sanitary. However, she needed this bedroom cleared out and ready for her to occupy. Myself and another team member worked hard to clear out this bedroom for her and to sort out important

At the end of our session, she was in tears. She hadn’t seen that bedroom in years and she was so grateful that it was ready for her to be able to use it. She said, “thank you for not being as hard on me as I am on myself.” That is what I was there for…to help her achieve her goal without judgement. I think we were able to do that.

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