Create Your Own Cash Mini Bank to Save Time!

Posted by Kendra Fletcher on

Here's a quick tip that will save you time! Create your own "mini bank" at home using a coupon organizer. Make sure to put in bills of $1's, $5's, and $20's and store it in a secure place. You can also do $10's, $50's and $100 bills, but I mainly focus on the three I mentioned.
I do this because there are so many instances where I need exact change for something or I am leaving to go somewhere and I need cash.
This will save you time and can help when... need exact change for things like paying babysitters and dog walkers, ordering delivery food, or paying for other services. need to stock your wallet with cash before you go on a trip. I like to grab some $20's, as well as some SMALL bills for tips before I head out on a trip.
....there's a natural disaster or emergency. If the ATMs or banks are not available, do you have small bills to buy things like water, food, and other necessities? Do you also have a reasonable amount of cash to pay for needs that may arise?
I cannot tell you how *many* trips (and hours of time) this has saved me from having to make a special trip to the ATM or bank. Get this organized about once a year and then you are set!

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