Easy Lamp Shade Makeover

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This lamp makeover project popped up on my Facebook feed from last year at this time. Funny enough, this was my "Super Bowl" craft project. In other words, I wasn't watching the game. What can I say, I'm just not much of a football fan.

Basically I had these inexpensive lamps that I had bought at Target a few years prior. The have basic white shades but with two young kids, the shades were a little roughed up, dented and I think there was even writing on them.

What I DO love about these lamps is that they have a pull string to turn them off and on (is that what it's called?). I wanted my little ones to easily be able to turn the lights on and off so I like the pull string design rather than the knob-turny-thingy.

So, I headed off to Joanne's fabrics to get some ideas and materials. My goal was to make it look like those beautiful Pottery Barn Kids lamps. I also had some leftover crystals from when I re-strung a chandelier so I thought maybe I could use those too.

Okay, this is where the project gets complicated. I ironed the fabric and glued it on with a hot glue gun. Easy right? This style lampshade was easy because it's cylindrical. Just fold the fabric onto the inside of the shade and hot glued it.

Then I took the floral strands and (you guessed it) hot glued that to the base to add some frills. The finishing touch was simply hanging the chandelier crystals from the brackets inside the lamp.

Overall, I was very pleased with myself. I can't remember who won the Super Bowl that year but I can tell you that these lamps are holding up nicely a year later!

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