Holiday Decorations and Storage Space Tips from a Professional Organizer

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One of my fondest memories of childhood is that my mom always made a big deal over holidays. I have fond memories of dying Easter eggs and having them on our table, 4th of July decorations, fall decorations around Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas decorations. I believe that at one time we had three Christmas trees in our small home.

Now that I am a mom, I want to make sure my kids have great memories of the holidays too. So, I try to decorate for almost every holiday. I have one wall with a nail in it where I hang a different decoration for every holiday/season. I also have a  buffet table in our dining room that I try to decorate.

But, here's the problem. Now that we live in Florida and do not have a basement, we are very limited on storage space. The only space we really have to store items is in the garage and we also need to get a car in there. So, I have had to be very mindful regarding the size of the decorations I buy.

Sometimes I go to Home Goods, Target or other places and really want a certain item. But after looking at the size, I tell myself I can't get it.

So, here are some of my quick tips about holiday decor and storage that I've figured out so far.

1. For my hanging wall items, I buy flat items that I can hang on a hook in the garage. I have wall hangings for Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (not all pictured). I hang them all stacked one in front of the other up high on a hook in the garage.

Professional Organizer Tips for Holiday Decorations

2. I bought this beautiful long bowl for my dining table. Each season I change out what's in it. For Valentine's Day, it's hearts. For Easter, it's eggs. For Thanksgiving, it's pretty fall pumpkins and leaves. For Christmas, it's round ornaments. These items store easily because they are small and I can throw them in a ziplock.


3. This is my favorite idea. I always loved how people had throw pillows for various holidays. However, I don't have room to store pillows and I wouldn't want to store them in a garage that's so hot for most of the year. Then I had a brilliant idea! I just buy pillow COVERS and put them over my existing pillows for the holidays.

I have to admit that I was feeling very clever about this revelation. It's also much less expensive as compared to buying more pillows. To do this for yourself, just pull the sides of your existing pillows taut and measure the side. Typically, the standard sizes are 16x16, 18x18, or 20x20.

If you want to buy the holiday pillow covers I got, you can buy them here on Amazon.

P.S. My normal pillows shown on the top are also covers. My old pillows went out of style and didn't match our new house so those chevron pillow covers were also purchased off Amazon.

Professional Organizer Tips for Holiday Pillows

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