How do I track my vehicle maintenance records?

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Our minivan is needing more and more services lately down in Coral Springs, FL. We bought it in 2011 before my second daughter was born. It is hard to believe that was 7 years ago! Where does the time go?

When we first bought the minivan, we would get it serviced at the Honda Dealership  because they had some special deals they gave us. However, after we moved to South Florida, we decided to use a combination of the Honda Dealership and a local small business repair shop.

Yesterday, the service person said, "You should have your timing belt replaced because you are over 60,000 miles now." I thought to myself, "Have I already had that done? Or did I have something else done?"

Bottom line is...even though I am a Professional Organizer, I cannot remember what services have been done or not done. 

I realized I need to keep a summarized record of services in my glove compartment so I can keep track of what has been done and also write-in additional services that I get in the future.

So, I share with you my "Car Maintenance Record". Dund-da-da!

This was something I quickly created in Excel. You can create something similar in any word processing software. I'm sure there are apps available as well but I like keeping documents on my computer so I chose this option.

Car Maintenance Record Professional Organizer

Here's the key to making this all work though. You need to keep your vehicle maintenance records. We keep these in a file folder in our file cabinet. I always put new documents in the front so everything stays in chronological order.

Okay, so here's what's on my spreadsheet. I list the:

  • Date
  • Mileage
  • Service Provider
  • Summary of Services
  • Cost

Car Maintenance Record Professional Organizer


It's that simple. I printed this on cardstock and I'm going to fold it up and keep it in my glove compartment so I can reference it as needed. 

By the way, I have not had the timing belt I'm going to get that done next time. 




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