Kids Bedroom and Closet Home Organization in Coral Springs, FL

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As a professional organizer, I recently met with a Coral Springs client who is a mom of a preschooler and a pre-teen. One of the biggest struggles I hear from moms is the challenge of keeping their kid's rooms organized.

With the little kids, there are so many knick-knacks, small toys, and arts and crafts that keep coming into the home. It can be a challenge to figure out how to contain the clutter and find a place for everything.

With pre-teens and teens, they tend to want their independence. They want to manage their bedroom on there own and a lot of them do not quite have the skills to manage the clothes, school work, papers, and electronics.

I spend a few hours with the client working on the girl's rooms. Then we did the kitchen and laundry room but I forgot to get pictures of those. Whoopsie!

With the youngest daughter's room, we got rid of quite a few toys and clothes and put those in a donation box. There was also some paper trash and broken toys that we threw away. We also remade her bed with new bedding to encourage her to sleep there.
Kids Bedroom Before and After
For the pre-teen, there was a ton of paper to go through. As you can see in the "before" picture, there's a bookshelf that is stuffed to the max with papers, notebooks and lots of miscellaneous items.
Girls Bedroom Organization Before and After
We actually cleared that off and completely took it out of the bedroom. We were able to re-arrange the room and also set up a pair of chairs for a hang-out place when her friends come over.

And lastly, we organized her closet so she could see all of her clothes and so everything was folded neatly.
Organized Closet Before and After
Overall, the project was a huge success. I know that the mom felt a sense of relief with having the girl's bedrooms in better order and having her kitchen and laundry room organized. Overall, I think we took about 12 trashbags of items either to donate or toss.

Hiring a professional organizer does not mean that you are not capable of doing these tasks on your own. For a lot of people, they hire a professional organizer because they do not have the time and energy to do the work. Also, some people want assistance with figuring out what to keep, donate and where to place things.
If I can help you on any projects, reach out to me. In addition to in-home consultations, I also do virtual consulting via video chat.

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