Tips for Helping Your Kids Get Organized

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I talk to SO MANY moms who struggle with not only maintaining the home but also helping their kids stay organized in their bedrooms. Having kids include some unique organizing challenges because they tend to outgrow things over time (clothing, shoes, toys, furniture). Also, they tend to accumulate stuff so quickly! I feel like almost everyday my kid comes up with some little trinket or doo-dad and they really pile up over time.

This video shares my girls’ best tips for organizing!

So, just to re-cap, make it FUN for your kids! Try to make it into a game. Add some music to bring up the vibe. Also, remember to use lots of positive reinforcement during the process. Involve them in making decisions and help guide them and explain why you are doing what you are doing. Tell them what they are doing WELL during the process. And as always, it’s great to CELEBRATE afterwards! Maybe you can do something fun, play a game or go out as a family to celebrate your accomplishments.

And lastly, if you don’t feel like you are good at organizing, I love sharing Julie Morgenstern’s SPACE method with my clients. See below for the SPACE Method:

The “S” stands for “Sort”. With my kids, we typically pile everything up on the bed so that I don’t have to be bending over to pick things up from the floor. I like to have everything where I can easily reach out. We use bins or containers to start grouping like items.

The “P” stands for Purge or trash/donate. We like to keep a black trashbag in the room for trash and a clear one for donations. In this step, we get rid of things we no longer need. I also keep a plastic bin in the room for items that belong in other areas of the house (it’s amazing the random things from other parts of the house that end up in my kid’s bedrooms!)

“A” stands for Assign a Home and the “C” stands for Containerize. This is where we put things in their place within the room.

The last step is “E” which is Equalize. This is where you make tweaks to improve your system as you are using it.

I hope that gives you some ideas on helping your kids become better organizers.


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