Today I'm Assembling Binders!

Posted by Kendra Fletcher on

I'm in FULL ON binder assembly mode today! I am an exhibitor at a Caregiver Expo next week which will have over 300 participants. I want to make sure I bring as many binders as possible because I know that so many caregivers struggle with not only taking care of their documents and records but also the person for which they are caring.

The process of putting these together is time consuming. But, it's worth it. I wanted to make sure these binders are comprehensive and have everything in them that I can think of to help individuals and families better organize their information.

While I'm working on this, I try to remember that I'm helping to protect families and giving them peace of mind in knowing their life affairs are in order. 

I'm providing the system and tools to help them save money, time, and energy. I'm helping parents protect their children in the event something happens to them.

That's a worthy mission for me. I'm so grateful I get to serve in this way.

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