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I love getting reviews and feedback on My Life Packet. My goal for this system is to make it easier for individuals and families to get their life documents and records in order. It's something that we all know we need to do...but it can be an overwhelming task.

So, I wanted to make it as easy as possible by giving you all of the tools you need in one simple system.

Reviews and Praise for My Life Packet

In a word…BRILLIANT! This is a system anyone would benefit from. If you are not one to keep your entire life extremely organized, this binder is a must-have!

- Trisha Ciochon

This is a must-have for everyone, whether you are single, a newlywed, been married for years, or approaching retirement. The thoroughness and thought that went into this is staggering.  You could spend hours and hundreds of dollars hunting down this information yourself or buying the multitude of books and resources to pull all of the information together. This binder makes it easy to organize everything in one place. 

- Jennifer Morris

Thank you Kendra for creating this incredibly thoughtful, simplified organization system for all of us that are paralyzed by the thought of starting this VERY important task!

- Jennifer Johnson

I loved all the details and how it walked me through what I needed to collect or record, and it made me create a plan about where I store the originals. Putting a system like this in place is such a gift for your loved ones.  

- Heather Meaney


My Life Packet has been helpful for my father who has memory impairment. Not only has it been an important exercise for my family to organize his important documents, but it also serves as a reference tool for him. My Life Packet is a handy, hard-copy resource that he can refer to anytime he has questions.

- Julie Jebo

When my dad passed away, I wish we had something like this. It would've saved us a lot of money, time, and energy during a very difficult time for our family.

- Tammy Killian

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