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My Life Packet

My Life Packet was created by Kendra Fletcher, Ed.M., to help individuals and their loved ones easily organize all of the information and documents related to their life affairs. This is not a book you is an organizational system that you implement. This binder is your interactive plan and complete organizational system for your life affairs documents and information. Completing this binder will help you:

  • Consider and answer important life affairs questions
  • Organize important documents, resources, and information
  • Determine additional steps that may be needed to secure your assets
  • Maintain privacy, dignity and control over personal decisions
  • Create a comprehensive directory for important documents
  • Record essential information for family members and loved ones

What's Included

My Life Packet is the only comprehensive organization system available. This system includes:

  • Three-ring binder for organizing your documents
  • Over 60 pages of worksheets to fill in your personal information
  • 10 tab-separated sections to keep you organized
  • Over 40 pre-printed folder labels
  • 20 clear protector sheets for filing documents
  • Business card holder sheets for 40 business cards
  • "Five Wishes" Advanced Directive Document (a $5 value!)
  • 5 key chain labels
  • Protective plastic zipper folder

This system makes it easy to document and organize your financial documents, legal documents, titles and deeds, and important information about your life affairs and wishes.

Dimensions: 11.5" W x 11.5" H x 1.75" D

Click here to see a free course I did on using this product.

My Life Packet Table of Contents

Section 1: Important Documents
1.1 Storage Locations for Important Documents
1.2 Healthcare Directives
1.3 Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
1.4 Will and Trust
1.5 Notifying Agents and Loved Ones Regarding this Binder

Section 2: Biographical Information
2.1 Biographical Details
2.2 Medical Information
2.3 Biographical Documents
2.4 Family and People Close to Me
2.5 My Network
2.6 In-Case-of-Emergency Sheet
2.7 Wallet Card

Section 3: Insurance
3.1 Health Insurance
3.2 Life Insurance
3.3 Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance
3.4 Property and Other Insurance

Section 4: Financial Assets and Income Sources
4.1 Financial Assets
4.2 Retirement Plans and Pensions
4.3 Government Benefits
4.4 Other Income Sources
4.5 Other Assets and Accounts

Section 5: Property and Business Interests
5.1 Real Estate
5.2 Business Interests
5.3 Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles
5.4 Jewelry, Artwork, and Specialty Items

Section 6: Debts and Bills
6.1 Credit Cards
6.2 Debts and Loans
6.3 Utilities, Monthly Bills, Automatic Debits
6.4 Charity, Religious Donations, and Savings

Section 7: Other Important Records
7.1 Online Accounts and Passwords
7.2 Tax Records and Documents
7.3 Safe-Deposit Box Inventory
7.4 Service Contracts, Warranties, and Instruction Manuals
7.5 Household Inventory and Home Improvement Records
7.6 Memberships, Organizations, Religious Groups, and Communities
7.7 Service Providers
7.8 Points, Rewards, and Subscriptions

Section 8: Monthly Budget

Section 9: End-of-Life Planning
9.1 Funeral and Memorial Services
9.2 Obituary
9.3 Organ and Whole Body Donation
9.4 Ethical Will and Legacy Letter to Loved Ones

Section 10: Additional Resources
10.1 Recommended Products
10.2 Computer Files Set-Up List
10.3 Safe-Deposit Box Do’s and Don’ts
10.4 Pre-Printed File Folder Labels
10.5 “Five Wishes” Advance Directive
10.6 Business Card Holders, Sheet Protectors, and Organizing Tools